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Access to your match fixture


Entry to all sports events at Swansea Bay

Sports Park


Transport to Stadium

(there and back)


Entry to double header rugby fixtures at the stadium


Varsity supporters T-Shirt


+ Entry to Official GWA after party on Wind Street

Full Day + Evening

Entry to all sports events at Swansea Bay Sports Park


Transport to Stadium

(there and back)


Entry to double header rugby fixtures at the stadium


Varsity supporters T-Shirt


+ Entry to Official GWA after party on Wind St

Alumni - Rugby Only

Rugby fixtures at the  stadium



Women s Rugnby and Mens Rugby Matches

Varsity supporters T-Shirt

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Alumni - Swansea University

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  • How long does Varsity last?
    Varsity is a FULL day and night event. The morning and afternoon portion of the day is jam-packed full of sporting events, whereas the evening is for celebrating, with an official Afterparty at Jack Murphy's. However, you do not have to attend the full event if that is what you wish. We recommend making the most of the day as Varsity only comes around once a year.
  • What is included in the Varsity package?
    The package includes your tickets to the Rugby Double Header at the Stadium, access to all fixtures at the Sketty Lane site, your GWA Varsity T-Shirt, Transport from Sketty Lane to the Stadium pre-match and transport back to the Strand (road behind Wind Street) post match. In addition your package also grants you access to the exclusive GWA afterparty at Jack Murphys on Wind Street until Midnight.
  • Where is the GWA Afterparty?
    The official GWA Afterparty will be held back in the city, at Jack Murphys nightclub on Wind St. Your Wristband will also get free entry to One eyed Jacks ancoyote Ugly. Your wristband will act as your entry ticket so don't lose it. Coaches from the Stadium will drop students back to the Strand behind Wind Street. All venue opperate with Capcities. Your wristband gains you free entry but does not guarentees you entry.
  • How can I collect my Varsity ticket?
    Packages are to be collected in COVE nightclub on singleton Campus on wednesda 17th April between 10:00 - 18:00 Don't delete your email confirmation of your ticket order as you will need it in order to collect.
  • When and Where will the sporting events be taking place?
    Sporting events will take place across a variety of venues and locations in Swansea. Please check out the full list of sporting events on our website for exact times and location details. More details to come soon.
  • Is travel to the Stadium provided on the day?
    Coaches will be on hand to transport students to the Stadium. The buses will leave from the car park next to the Indoor Athlectics Track Car Park. When you recieve your Varisty wrsitband, it will have printed on it an assigned coach time for your to head to the
  • What's should I wear?
    If its your first varisty you may be wondering what to wear? On purchase of your Varisty package you will recieve your Green Varsity t-shirt, so deck yourself in your Varsity tshirt to show your support. In addition pay attention to the weather forecast to see what extra items you may need! A top tip is evenings at the Rugby can be cold so a hoodie or jumper is a sensible addition for the evening!
  • Are their Bars at Swansea bay Sport park
    Yes they are and the event use Tokens for drinks they can be purchased here. * Tokens are only valid at the sports park not at the stadium or other Venues
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The Welsh Varsity is a dynamic all-day event where Cardiff University and Swansea University students clash in various sports, from rugby to netball. With matches across multiple venues, it's a day filled with intense competition and enthusiastic support.

Beyond sports, attendees enjoy live music, food stalls, and entertainment, fostering a vibrant atmosphere of camaraderie and celebration. It's more than just sports; the Welsh Varsity embodies the spirit of student life, life-time memories, bringing together communities in an unforgettable showcase of talent and tradition.


Experience the pinnacle of Welsh university rugby rivalry as Cardiff University and Swansea University's teams clash under the floodlights in an intense evening showdown. This eagerly anticipated fixture promises high-octane action, fierce tackles, and unforgettable moments as players battle for supremacy on the field.

With passionate supporters filling the stands, the atmosphere is electric, creating an unforgettable spectacle that embodies the spirit of the Welsh Varsity. Join us for an evening of thrilling rugby where tradition meets fierce competition in a match that will be remembered for years to come.



Join the Green and White Army as we continue the Welsh Varsity celebrations into the night at the afterparty! After the exhilarating clashes on the field, the energy continues as Swansea University students come together to unwind and party the night away in the classic GWA spirit!



Morning Schedule

Fixtures V morning (1) (1).png

Afternoon Schedule

Fixtures V evening (1).png

Having trouble viewing the schedule? Download the varsity schedule here



Having trouble viewing the map? Download the varsity map here

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